Book Review: Eating Bull

Eating Bull, by Carrie Rubin, was a surprise and a delight. I am interested in nutrition and the thought of a novel about it was intriguing to me. What a treat—it is so much more. Jeremy, obese fatherless teenager, is struggling emotionally as well as physically. The story is partly about his going through counseling to gain control of his overeating, and his mother’s attempts to help him, despite other negative influences in their home. Unfortunately, Jeremy is also the subject of ridicule and bullying at school. He is reputed to be part Native American, so his nickname, Eating Bull, is a reference to that as a play on words of the name Sitting Bull, a famous Native American. At heart Jeremy is a sweet and likeable character and you want him to succeed and be a winner at life. But at the same time, a maniac serial killer is targeting overweight people as a message to America that they need to control their self-indulgence. Will his path cross with Jeremy’s? There are many tense moments for readers of this e-book and some short graphic violent passages which could be disturbing to some readers.

In addition to the two main stories weaving together through Eating Bull, there is some good behavioral psychology to help the reader analyze their own eating patterns. My interest was sparked when I learned a few things about why people overeat and how to gain control over that pattern. Eating Bull will help people as well as entertain them with a great story.

Reviewed by me for Readers Favorite book reviews.


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