Why I’m Going To Be Treating Working From Home Like A Regular Job From Now On

How do you get everything done? Do you try to do too much, like me? Let me know.

Joanne Phillips

I had a realization recently. It’s this: I think I’m superwoman. I have a LOT of projects on the go, all of the time, and I work hard. I really do. But the hours I work don’t meet the expectations I have in terms of the amount I need to get done! It’s crazy – I have, like, stacks of stuff to do, and I fully intend doing it all (and somehow I usually do … in the end), but it’s just so stressful. I seem to think I can fit 60 hours of work each week into a few hours during the day while my daughter’s at school – and that’s only when I’m not meeting a friend for coffee, or visiting family, or hanging the washing out, or listening to The Archers or the play on Radio 4 …

washing on line

It has to change. I figure I get 25…

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