Book Review: The Lady of the Pier–The Flow


The Flow (book 2) (The Lady of the Pier trilogy)

Lady of the Pier–The Flow, by Effrosyni Moschoudi, a Greek native herself, weaves a magical tale of timeless love across two countries. One half of the tale is told in 1940 Brighton, just as World War II is about to begin. The other half is told in 1988 Brighton. However, while living in Corfu, Greece, Sofia meets a man who occupies her thoughts for much of the book. When she travels to Brighton for school, they meet up again and continue the romance, but the Lady of the Pier, a ghostly figure that has shadowed Sofia for some time, makes her appearance in Brighton as well.

In 1940, Laura is tricked by a man she does not love and she is forced to separate from the one she does love. Her life is a tragedy except for her darling son Frederick. She has never really loved Charles, but knows what she must do to care for their child.

Lady of the Pier is a breathtaking book and Moschoudi is a master storyteller. I couldn’t put the book down and look forward to the next installment, as it is a series. Highly recommended if you like romance and a light ghost story mixed in. I would give this five stars. Available NOW for Preorder at just .99 to be delivered June 26. Here’s the link. After launch date it will be $2.99, so get yours ordered today.


Also, note that book 1 of the series, The Ebb, is .99 right now, so you can read that in preparation for the launch of book 2. Here’s that link.

Effrosyni would appreciate your writing a review if you enjoy her books and posting that on Amazon.  Thanks!



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