Book Review: Van Gogh in Peppers


Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of male depression

This is a brutally raw memoir of Major Depressive Disorder. I had familiar feelings while reading this book—I have seen and even known people who behaved like this and often wondered why. The fact that depression can cause a person to sabotage their life this way was quite an eye-opener. It’s convincingly written and at times made me shake my head in disgust and hope for him to see the light at the same time.

Not at all meant to glorify drug and alcohol abuse, Van Gogh in Peppers instead should be a wake-up call to others in this situation. It’s not normal or healthy to drink in the morning, or be under the influence at work. It’s not productive to spend a lot on the alcohol and partying lifestyle while allowing your house to fall down around you. Suspense builds toward the end when the absolute chaos surrounding Chris threatens to do him in. This is a wonderful read for anyone struggling with personal responsibility at any age. The message throughout is, this person needs help.


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