Book Review: Amie, an African Adventure


Buy “Amie: An African Adventure”

by Lucinda Clarke
This was a terrifying thriller story of a young couple who went to Africa for the husband’s job. He was to start a new factory to provide fresh water. While there, his wife found other Americans in a sort of country club, and learned about having servants, as this was expected of them since whites were considered extremely wealthy. Americans could afford a maid for very little money, and it aided the poor blacks and gave them a home as well. Amie did her part with charity work at a local school and against experienced advice even considered adopting a child. But suddenly, disaster struck. Rebel forces attacked and she was taken prisoner while she rushed around trying to find her friends and husband. Her story of what happened next will expand your world view and give you insight into how others live.

You will be shocked and scared as you find out what may go on in countries other than the USA, in war time. I kept wondering if this was a true story since it is so well written. It is in fact a novel, but Clarke has lived in other countries including Africa and so she tells a convincing tale. She is a skilled storyteller and has created a very likable character in Amie, though her friends and family back home don’t understand how she can deal with the cultural differences. “Amie” will make you think and perhaps even change your own thinking and behavior. There is room for a sequel as not all the loose ends are wrapped up by the end of the story. If there is, I would love to read it.


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  1. I am so thrilled you enjoyed the story Mary. I’ve been in a couple of tight situations in Africa, but not quite to the same extent. Amie and the Child of Africa should be out next month – in the final stages now. Thank you for featuring my book.


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