Does Size Matter? (of novels)

Check out this article on word count. Are you within the accepted range? Why or why not?

Please leave a comment with the word count, genre, and publisher (even if it’s “self”) of your last book.  Thanks!




  1. My book, Scarlatti, is now 120k words. Might grow in the last month of edits. But then again, it may shrink. When a book gets too long (cos the story doesn’t want to go away, but grows) then it’s time to think about the sequel. Am 20k words into book two and book three is keeping me awake at night. I love writing, in case you can’t tell. 🙂

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  2. My first book, a romantic fiction, Virtually Strangers, self published, was 54,000.

    The first draft of my next book, Lightning Attraction, is currently 62,000, and is around three chapters from finished.

    When reading, if a book is too long, I avoid it because I have a short attention span. I aim to write books that I would read, catering for people like me.

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  4. Mine have run between 60,000 to 95,000. Children of Fury which is the largest. Married by Mistake is on the order of 85,000 words, and not yet published. Digital Heart is less than 10,000 as a short story. (I have had requests to expand on the “Life” of the little car, Sleeper. None have gone over 100k. Although Children of Fury is too close for comfort.

    I had read an article that did not separate the genre to this level.

    So it seems I need to cut down CoF by a third to get rid of bloat. (Perhaps into “Book 2- Hellions” ? heh.


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