Book Review: Obsidian Worlds

Obsidian Worlds

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Obsidian Worlds is a book of short stories in the horror and apocalyptic science fiction genre. I found the stories to be extremely well written with original ideas. Some of the stories contain mature or disturbing themes. However, Jason Werbeloff is a master of the surprise ending, science fiction lending itself to that since the author of science fiction must invent new beings, worlds, foods, and modes of transportation. Werbeloff does this quite skillfully. For instance, visiting Grandpa’s brain seems like a zombie story at first, and metamorphoses into a repository of the brains of brilliant people, to be used as search engines! Imagine people searching Grandpa’s brain rather than Google, and you will have the general idea. But poor Grandpa is still alive, minus his body, and wants to plan an escape. How he does it is the surprise ending. The hilarious “The Time-Traveling Chicken Sexer” is a bizarre story about an unattractive woman who has learned that she can tell the sex of chicks without physically examining them. This skill makes her a commodity in the future, for some reason, and she and her goat enjoy their brief trip to the future.

I enjoyed reading Obsidian Worlds because it makes me think. We don’t know what the future will hold or how long it will last, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities, and some of them are more fun than others! If you enjoy this type of reading, Jason Werbeloff has written several other science fiction books and apparently has plans for more as he is expanding his team of beta readers. His contact information is in the back of the book for your convenience.


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