Self-Marketing, Learning, and Getting Your Name Out There


This past weekend I attended the Breathe Christian Writers Conference!  Exclamation point because it was so worthwhile and educational, plus I had a lot of fun and met some great people.

This conference costs only $150 and was held in Grand Rapids Michigan, so this was the conference I chose this year.  Tim Beals, Agent and Publisher at Credo Communications, Peter DeHaan of Connections Magazine, and Stephen James author of 44 books were among the wonderful speakers we enjoyed. The facility, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, was beautiful and set in nature even though it was just a short distance from M-37. Discovery House, Splickety, Shine Magazine, Kregel Books, and the American Christian Fiction Writers were among the vendors and speakers in attendance.

I learned so much about what should and should not be in a Christian book; how long books should be; habits of effective authors; and social media tips. It’s highly recommended that any writer attend conferences and I recommend this one. In its 9th year, I hope to attend again in 2016.



Next, another way to get your name out there. I became aware this year of a fun contest called Sixfold.  They run the contest twice a year.  The next deadline is October 24.  You can enter your story or poem for $5.00 and can win as much as $1000 and/or get your work published in their book!  Thousands and thousands of viewers visit their site and download their free book or buy the print copy.  Check it out here:

Here’s the fun part. You must read, rate, and comment on 6 stories in each of the 3 rounds for your story to stay in the contest. There are deadlines so please read the rules at  My story is entered and I hope to see you there.

Let me know your recent writing successes in the comments below.


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