Book Review: Romancing Death

Romancing Death

Buy “Romancing Death: A True Story of Vampirism, Death, the Occult, and Deliverance”

I picked up a free copy of Romancing Death when it was promoted by Amazon Kindle. Am I glad I did, because it lent insight into occult practices I was familiar with and told of a few I wasn’t. Vampirism for one–not the sunlight shunning immortals of the movies, but real people who drink real blood. I’ve started watching William Schnoebelen’s You Tubes and learning more about the dangers of the occult and also supposedly Christian cults. Real Christianity is what he’s writing about and it comes from the real Bible and the real God/Jesus.

Not for the faint of heart, I have seen some things but my jaw literally dropped and I was horrified at more than one revelation from this book. Invaluable for those studying and praying about how to help others get out of the occult.

By the way, I did a “Google” about vampire clubs to verify what he said about them and found many–one only 60 miles from my home. I won’t be visiting.


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