Are You Self Publishing or What?

bookI am interested to find out what you as writers are doing for marketing and publishing. So far I have been totally self-published, with a few small ads placed for marketing.

I am thinking of trying the editing/publication and marketing services of an agency, as well as finding a professional cover designer, and would love for you to post your experiences & referrals, good and bad, naming names. No profanity please, I just want a heads up and to give my business to a worthwhile company.

Createspace? Writers ReliefAuthor Marketing Club? Credo Communications?

Tell me what services you paid for and what your experience was. What did that get you and did you feel it was worthwhile?

I’ve used Createspace for printing and retailing my books, and they do a fine job.

I am looking at this week and they have a lot of free information such as this page: Let me know if you have used any of the companies they recommend.

2016 is the year to add a “figure” to my book sales. Looking for 5 figures or more this year. With your recommendations and God’s help I can do it.


Don’t forget I am always looking for serious freelancers who would like to be considered to help prepare my books and those of other quality authors for publication, both print and E-Books. Please sign up here and I’ll send you more information.  Limited time offer! Word of Mouth Referrals.


Here is a link to the FREE database so far.  Feel free to download the list and share the link with anyone you wish.




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  2. Also, the 4 outlets I mentioned in my first reply will cover all your print and digital needs. If you run into problems with uploading and completing their forms let me know … I’ll help you. It took me 3 months of back and forth to get them all done. Whew.


  3. Mary, I used Mark Malatesta to help find an agent. Signed with one in Feb 2014. After a year of sending proposals to traditional publishers, we landed one. 12% royalties. But I do all the work. So I changed my strategy and published my latest Christian murder mystery, The Rector, under my own imprint, Shepherd King Publishing—60% to 80% royalties, depending on which print and digital services the book sells: CreateSpace for Amazon sales of physical book and Kindle; Ingram Spark for POD books for all others (retailers, my own book signings, etc), and Draft2Digital for Scribd, Kobo, B&N Nook, et al (ie., all digital except Amazon).
    Uploading a book is different for each of these. At times, it drove me crazy, following the various upload requirements. After 3 months, The Rector is now available in all formats. All of the above services are free. However, for CreateSpace, an author can purchase cover and Interior Design services for additional services and marketing programs. (In additional I auditioned 4 “narrators” for an Audio Book–out on Amazon via Audible for mid-February release. Professional “readers” will cost a minimum of $3,000. I used Jennifer Vaughan. She’s a voice actress with her own studio, so I could bypass having to hire a producer and studio).

    As for marketing, I’ve listened to and taken notes from about a dozen free webinars on various marketing topics … from “Best Twitter Practices,” to “How to advertise on Facebook” to the “Book Launch Tool Kit,” “51/2 things every author can fix on their website in the next week to increase sales,” “How to Obtain Reviews,” (Joan Stewart), “How to Build a Press Kit for website” by DIY Author University,” and many others. FREE WEBINARS are being offered by marketing services companies. They want you (me) to sign up for additional services, some of which I’ve done. e.g.,buying a list of Religion Writers for $297 promo price. (Daniel Hall?)

    I’ve organized all my notes into one notebook.


  4. Hi Mary,
    Because my margins after paying someone else to publish my books was not high enough, I brought everything in house that relates to my books and sales. Through my small company, Purple Sage Entertainment, I write, publish and sell my books with the help of my wife. Since my genre appeals to the outdoors, non politically correct folks that make up at least half of our country, I book tables at the gun shows and outdoor expos across the United States. My cover artist for the last book, ‘Texas Rising’ was Kat Morris of Kat Morris Murals, I use Ingram Sparks exclusively for my printing and distribution.
    Kindest Regards,


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