Book Review: Fatal Fall

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Fatal Fall

Fatal Fall is an extremely well written book to illustrate the dangers of brain injury, especially when repeated over and over. Football players are especially susceptible and studies are beginning to be done by Dr. Daniel Amen to study the brain effects of concussions.

This book is a novel, but relates the stories of things that could happen and things that have really happened. In particular, pro football players and even people suffering everyday accidents.

This was particularly interesting to me since I have had concussions. It was shocking, eye opening, even jaw dropping to read what happened to a young athlete’s emotional and mental state after repeated concussions. If you know anyone who plays contact sports, or even if you’ve ever been knocked out, even for a few seconds, you will want to read Fatal Fall. It is compelling reading even for a non-football enthusiast and I couldn’t stop reading until the end.

Author Mark Elswick is on a mission to let people know about the serious effects of concussions. Give this a read and tell others.
I received a free copy of Fatal Fall in exchange for an honest review.


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