Book Review: The Torch Principle


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The Torch Principle: Light Up Your Mind is a fun book, but not easy. Javier Ideami has written a creative book on solving one’s problems. This book is compelling and innovative and a lot of work went into its creation. If you want creative ideas for improving your life, they are here. While Ideami will not tell you in so many words how to solve your problem, he will help you to determine precisely what it is with a series of questions and “drilling down” to the core and root of the issue. With exacting detail, he gives instructions for looking at the problem in many different ways.

He has even developed online tools which the reader can access, making this a truly multimedia accomplishment with videos, charts, and software to look at your issue in myriad ways. One of Ideami’s main points is to diverge (look at all sides and even at things that may not seem to connect) and then converge (connect them). By brainstorming, the reader can discover many, many ideas, even though some of them sound crazy, even though some of them sound dumb. But through all of this searching and trying, the reader will come up with something new that works.

I find this method truly creative and, while reading The Torch Principle, I decided on my “challenge” (Ideami’s word for a problem or issue). That very day, I made a contact regarding my challenge and I received a phone call that evening to schedule a meeting on it for the next day. I’m a believer and this method sparked new confidence in me. Hopefully, the rest will be history after the meeting.


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