Book Review: Lady of the Bridge


Lady of the Bridge

Lady of the Bridge, by Laura Kitchell, is an epic love story that is only just beginning. Young maiden Princess Saiko is furious that she has to go to be an emperor’s consort in another city, to smooth the way for good relations between two leaders. To refuse would cause her, her family, and the emperor dishonor, and possibly cost her her life. While training to be a lady of the emperor’s society, she meets a forbidden man-the Marshall of her father’s army-and falls in love. With only days until she is to leave for Kyoto, they know they have no future, yet they can’t stop meeting. As fate would have it, he is chosen to escort her to Kyoto, but their entourage is attacked on the way. You’ll have to read Lady of the Bridge to find out what happens.

Kitchell has lived in Japan and her descriptions of kimonos, gardens, and cherry blossoms are unparalleled. Her characters are believable and their dialogue is natural. Lady of the Bridge is an enchanting romance. There are a few sex scenes that are quite descriptive, so be forewarned. I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.


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