Book Review: Ocean Echoes

Ocean Echoes by Sheila Hurst is an engaging story of researchers on a research cruise; some to study jellyfish, and some to study coral. Ellen, the jellyfish researcher and her young, handsome assistant Ryan have a desperate need to re-establish Ellen’s credibility after failed research. She has been warned that there may not be further funding after the upcoming expedition. Interwoven with the researchers’ story is the legend of a man who went fishing one day and never returned to his family. The islanders call to the sea turtles with a special song to bring him home, and strangely the giant turtles seem to respond to their song.

Ocean Echoes is realistically portrayed in that the characters are developed and likeable. There are hints of budding romantic relationships and other hints of danger from the elements, the local tribes, and the strange jellyfish. Sheila Hurst tells a captivating story of an enigmatic woman and her special mission that means more to her than others can understand, and yet they are drawn to her despite her self imposed isolation. An exciting page turner.


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