Could You Escape the Countess?

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Have you heard of Countess Bathory? In the 1500s she murdered her servant girls to harvest their blood as a beauty treatment. Today, she would be called a deranged and brutal serial killer. In the 1500s, she was royalty and could do with her servants as she pleased. Read the story of what could have happened in Medieval Blood.

Did she torture her victims? Her very first episode stemmed from her ill treatment of a servant girl, beating the girl until she bled, splashing her blood on the countess’ face.  Did she mean to kill them or only to take a bit of their blood? Did she even bathe in their blood, or, worse, drink her fill of its warm, salty richness? Was she indeed the forerunner of the vampires reputed to originate in Eastern Europe? How was she discovered and how many did she kill…and how did she do it? If you like a horror story you will love Medieval Blood.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon if you liked Medieval Blood. Medieval Blood…it’s the vintage that matters.


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