Book Review: The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming


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I was so impressed by The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming, by Slider. I have been interested in lucid dreaming for quite some time and this is the only method that gave me any success. I was able to reach the first goal the very first time I tried, and the second time I tried I was sitting at my desk and flipped into a lucid dream and almost fell off my chair. It’s recommended to try this only while lying down.

Lucid dreaming is realizing in a dream that you’re dreaming, an awareness of what’s happening. Think of the film, “Inception” as that is what they were experimenting with. Lucid dreaming sounds like a lot of fun, but it also has some practical uses. Have you ever wanted to fly in a dream? You can with lucid dreaming. Once you are in a lucid dream, just intend or think about what you want to do or where you want to go, and it happens.

This is the best book I have read so far on this subject. I’ve mentioned that I had success with it already. WILD is an acronym for Waking Induced Lucid Dreaming, as opposed to DILD or Dreaming Induced Lucid Dreaming. Many or most of the other lucid dreaming books out there require you to go to sleep, and then pick up clues you have been conditioning yourself with to realize that you are dreaming. For instance, some dreamers say to look at your hands. If you are dreaming, they may not look normal and you will hopefully realize that. They may appear to be deformed or disappear as you look at them. Sounds frightening, but there is no danger with the WILD method. Slider has truly achieved a landmark and everyone with any interest should pick up a copy of The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming.


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