Book Review: Full Color Life – How to live a creative, balanced life

Full Color Life by Margery Walshaw is an amazing book. It is a career balancing book, but not in the typical sense. It is mostly geared toward writers and other creatives, but these principles could be applied to any type of career. As a writer, I found it extremely helpful to be reminded to balance spiritual, physical, and mental or emotional aspects of my life to benefit my creativity. Full Color Life would be helpful to any artist, writer or potentially even for dancers and aficionados of other art forms.

Part 1 of Full Color Life deals with understanding why balance is important and the different factors that may be at play. There may be fears, beliefs and biases based on or rooted in things that happened in your life in the past. Part 2 contains chapters relating to diet, fitness, schedule and relationships. All of these areas need to be individually balanced in one’s life to be most effective at whatever one chooses to do, in their career or otherwise. Part 3 is the practical application of the principles outlined in the book. Full Color Life means just that. Your diet will include vegetables of many colors. Your exercise program, your schedule and your relationships should also be similarly varied in content. Variety is indeed the spice of life and if you choose variety you will be more creative. This book as I mentioned will be very helpful to me as an author and in the many other creative hobbies and pursuits which I enjoy.

Margery Walshaw is an acclaimed lecturer and publisher with the firm, Evatopia.


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