Book Review: Family Illusions

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Family Illusions is a thriller romance by Bess George about a young woman who finds out many mysterious things about her past, her mother, and her family. After her mother died she was forced to work at whatever jobs she could find to support herself, and she lived with her best friend Jasmine who did the same.  A chance meeting with a handsome man brought about a great change in her life and even put her in danger of losing her life. Charlie, as she was called, didn’t think that she was romantically attractive because she was a larger woman. She made frequent comments that men only looked at her when she was with her thin and attractive friend Jasmine. In reality, before the adventure was over two men were both interested in her. This sent a nice message to voluptuous or full-featured women that they too can be desirable.

Family Illusions contains some racy content but more in the sense of thoughts and words rather than actions. It was an interesting read with lots of twists and suspense and I enjoyed it.


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