Book review: Creating Stories

Hank Quense has penned a masterpiece in Creating Stories. The structure of a story, whether it be long or short, story or book, is outlined with detailed instructions on how to make each of these sections work. For instance, rather than being made up of chapters a book is really made up of scenes. There is a standard outline for any story, but very briefly you are introduced to the main characters, and then there’s a conflict, then there is resolution of the conflict.

Quense used a number of graphics in the book as visual aids and they are sort of like flowcharts, for instance to outline many different aspects of the characters. I learned that I just have to double tap on the graphics to open them up larger. They are useful examples of what you could be doing to plan your work.

Quense shares his unique viewpoints and methods on plot, setting, characters, writer’s voice, and using humor correctly. Not written for Pantsers, this book will add structure to anyone’s writing. It’s the logical way to approach crafting a story.

Creating Stories is available for pre-order and will be released on April 1, 2017.

Order yours today.

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