Book review: Grace Group

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In Grace Group, by Carrie Maldonado, Holly had just been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. How can she carry on her life as a human resource director, her sometime love affair with her boyfriend, and her duties as daughter to her battling parents? Through unlikely meetings Holly discovers her life purpose and begins to throw herself into it. You’ll be surprised to see how things transpire as good battles evil. Unlike other stories I’ve read, there is good reason for every encounter as the story is woven together.

What lies beyond the end of this life? No one can really know, though there are many theories including those of various religions and belief systems. One view is presented here and scenarios are revealed which differ from normal romance stories. Nonetheless, one true religion prevails in the unexpected ending.
This book was most enjoyable to read and at the same time gave me so much to think about. As Holly grew in her awareness of the spiritual realms and of her own diagnosis, I reflected on my own life and whether it will have long range meaning. Holly learned to spend time caring for others who could offer her nothing.

How often do we perform selfless acts of kindness, random or otherwise? How do we spend the moments of our days? What really matters? It’s not what you think. If you sometimes feel that you don’t know what you’re living for, Carrie Maldonado has written a very insightful book that you will enjoy and maybe even find yourself in; Grace Group.


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Are You Self Publishing or What?

bookI am interested to find out what you as writers are doing for marketing and publishing. So far I have been totally self-published, with a few small ads placed for marketing.

I am thinking of trying the editing/publication and marketing services of an agency, as well as finding a professional cover designer, and would love for you to post your experiences & referrals, good and bad, naming names. No profanity please, I just want a heads up and to give my business to a worthwhile company.

Createspace? Writers ReliefAuthor Marketing Club? Credo Communications?

Tell me what services you paid for and what your experience was. What did that get you and did you feel it was worthwhile?

I’ve used Createspace for printing and retailing my books, and they do a fine job.

I am looking at this week and they have a lot of free information such as this page: Let me know if you have used any of the companies they recommend.

2016 is the year to add a “figure” to my book sales. Looking for 5 figures or more this year. With your recommendations and God’s help I can do it.


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“You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream.”
—C. S. Lewis

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Book Review: Romancing Death

Romancing Death

Buy “Romancing Death: A True Story of Vampirism, Death, the Occult, and Deliverance”

I picked up a free copy of Romancing Death when it was promoted by Amazon Kindle. Am I glad I did, because it lent insight into occult practices I was familiar with and told of a few I wasn’t. Vampirism for one–not the sunlight shunning immortals of the movies, but real people who drink real blood. I’ve started watching William Schnoebelen’s You Tubes and learning more about the dangers of the occult and also supposedly Christian cults. Real Christianity is what he’s writing about and it comes from the real Bible and the real God/Jesus.

Not for the faint of heart, I have seen some things but my jaw literally dropped and I was horrified at more than one revelation from this book. Invaluable for those studying and praying about how to help others get out of the occult.

By the way, I did a “Google” about vampire clubs to verify what he said about them and found many–one only 60 miles from my home. I won’t be visiting.

Book Review: Eyewitness


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Eyewitness by Christian author Eugene M. Koon is a departure from the typical thriller story. A newsroom jumps to life with the news of hostages and gunmen at the local bus station. They send a crew to the scene and the worst happens; there are grave injuries of the news crew, and then one of them is even taken hostage along with the daughter of yet another staff member. God is at work calling the shots as the devil begs for leniency, his minions attempt to gather souls to their side, and hostages are switched out. Watch how God’s purpose is served even when the situation appears to be a lost cause.

Especially intriguing to me was the conversation and appearance of angels behind the scenes, and the observed answers to prayer.  Koon makes the spirit world come to life with realistic dialogue and convincing scenarios. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Self-Marketing, Learning, and Getting Your Name Out There


This past weekend I attended the Breathe Christian Writers Conference!  Exclamation point because it was so worthwhile and educational, plus I had a lot of fun and met some great people.

This conference costs only $150 and was held in Grand Rapids Michigan, so this was the conference I chose this year.  Tim Beals, Agent and Publisher at Credo Communications, Peter DeHaan of Connections Magazine, and Stephen James author of 44 books were among the wonderful speakers we enjoyed. The facility, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, was beautiful and set in nature even though it was just a short distance from M-37. Discovery House, Splickety, Shine Magazine, Kregel Books, and the American Christian Fiction Writers were among the vendors and speakers in attendance.

I learned so much about what should and should not be in a Christian book; how long books should be; habits of effective authors; and social media tips. It’s highly recommended that any writer attend conferences and I recommend this one. In its 9th year, I hope to attend again in 2016.



Next, another way to get your name out there. I became aware this year of a fun contest called Sixfold.  They run the contest twice a year.  The next deadline is October 24.  You can enter your story or poem for $5.00 and can win as much as $1000 and/or get your work published in their book!  Thousands and thousands of viewers visit their site and download their free book or buy the print copy.  Check it out here:

Here’s the fun part. You must read, rate, and comment on 6 stories in each of the 3 rounds for your story to stay in the contest. There are deadlines so please read the rules at  My story is entered and I hope to see you there.

Let me know your recent writing successes in the comments below.

Wake up those dead dreams!

fawnPhoto courtesy of SandJLikins through

I enjoyed this devotional sent by a friend. Read and take from it what you will. How are your dreams?

September 10, 2015
When a Dream Dies
Sharon Jaynes
Today’s Truth
I’m ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe. Ready to sing, ready to raise a tune: “Wake up, soul! Wake up, harp! Wake up, lute! Wake up, you sleepyhead sun!”(Psalm 57:7-8 MSG)

Friend to Friend
I sat on my porch with my Bible in my lap and a hot mug of steamy coffee in my hand. Early morning is my favorite time of day. Just me, Jesus, and a smattering of birds.

I closed my Bible and looked out across the backyard. My eyes landed on a rounded mound of fur nestled in the grass under the willow tree.
I got up and moved in for a closer look. My heart sank as I discovered what appeared to be a curled-up baby fawn lying lifeless in the grass. Probably the same fawn my neighbor had seen nursing from its mom the day before. My heart broke. I understand the circle of life, but still. A baby fawn lay dead in my yard. Most likely the target of the coyote I’d seen the day before.

I couldn’t get close enough to see the wound. Sometimes that is the way of things.

I did get close enough to see the sunlight passing through the velum-like ears, the intricate spots on its back, and the Bambi-like eyelashes resting on a perfectly shaped snout. I would have to wait until Steve got home to take care of the situation. I just couldn’t.

All morning long my mind returned to the lifeless form lying in the sun. Hours passed. At noon I looked out of the window and the still fawn remained unmoved. Untouched. Undisturbed. I couldn’t stand it. I had to know the cause of death. So I mustered up my courage and made my way to the fawn. Three feet away. Stop. No signs of an attack. I inched closer.

Finally, I knelt down by the beautifully crafted creature, admiring God’s handiwork. But I couldn’t see what had killed it.
“What happened to you, little deer?” I whispered.

Suddenly, the fawn’s head popped up! Startled eyes stared at me…wide-eyed. Me like a deer caught in the headlights. The fawn simply caught. I fell back on my haunches! And time stood still for a moment as we stared at each other in disbelief! Just a hand’s-breadth away.

Finally, the fawn sprang to its feet, wobbled a bit, and scampered off like a drunken sailor. I sat in the grass and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

So the fawn wasn’t dead after all. It had simply found a bit of grass and fallen asleep…until almost noon. And where is your mother? I wondered.

After my heart stopped pounding in my chest, God whispered, Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up.

I pondered those words for the rest of the day. I called a friend who is struggling in her marriage—in a very bad way. The sort of way that leaves you wondering if it will survive. I told her the story. I told her God’s message.

Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up.
Sometimes a marriage is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.
Sometimes a friendship is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.
Sometimes a dream is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

I think we are much too quick to write the death certificate for our hopes and dreams. So here’s my word for you and for me today.

For my friend struggling in her marriage…
For my friend who cries for her adult son who walked away from God…
For my friend who has received ten rejection letters from publishers…
For my friend who longs to cuddle up with a good husband rather than a good book…

Don’t assume the dream is dead. Sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, Wake me up! Stir my heart. It’s not over till You say it’s over. I commit to continue to pray for what others deem as a lost cause, for I know that there is never a lost cause when it comes to Your power to save, to deliver, to redeem, to rebuild.

In Jesus’ Name,

Now It’s Your Turn
Were you surprised when you read in the story that the fawn was simply asleep? I think that is the same surprise God would like to give you today.

Read Matthew 9:18-26

What did Jesus tell the crowd about the little girl?
What did they do when Jesus said that?
What was the outcome?
People may laugh at you for continuing to pray, for continuing to believe. But don’t let that stop you. Turn them out!