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Book Review: Chemicalism


I am a Chemaholic! Are you? Find out here.

There are so many chemicals in our food and drinks that many of us are sick and tired. Tap water can contain plastics, weed killers, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other toxins. Even bottled water, if it does not say “spring water” or “purified water,” is simply tap water bottled for convenience. This alone can have terrible effects on your body. Your organs are designed to purify what is in your body, and excrete the toxins, but they can become overloaded and diseased. Why not put in only the best?

Simon Kadwill-Kelly has done an amazing thing. He has put together a healthy eating and lifestyle plan, simply enough that anyone can follow it, but still with enough detail and new information that I, a certified Nutrition Consultant, learned several things. For instance, I knew that food can be addictive. But I had no idea that filling up with nutritious food and pure water, and never taking a bite of chocolate, or cookie, or a drink of tap water, would give you so much energy. And I didn’t know that it can take weeks for your body to get used to the healthy changes, during which time you may feel like you have a cold, or tired, or even experience skin eruptions and bowel movement changes. Never fear; according to Simon you will one day have energy to burn! He himself had severe sciatica (back pain) for ten years, and when he had recovered through this plan he went for an ambitious bicycle ride and still had energy when he got to his destination, so he went even further.

Chemicalism by Simon Kadwill-Kelly is a book for anyone who would like more energy or to heal themselves, and has tried diets, exercise, and pills. He lost 3-1/2 stone (about 50 pounds) using healthy, natural foods and pure water.  This is not a guarantee of results, but it makes so much sense. I am excited to try it and buy a better water purifier too because Kadwill-Kelly says you must even use purified water for making tea and boiling food. I have tried many things in the past myself, and am healthier than I used to be, but I would like to feel better. This is an easy recipe for me because I know how to cook, so I hope to have great results.


Book Review: Green Cleaning


 Buy “Green Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips for the Eco-Friendly (House Cleaning Done Right)”

Green Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips for the Eco-Friendly, by Cynthia Lott, is just as the title states and more. Not simply page after page of recipes, the rationale is given why you would want to go “green”. I found it quite enlightening as Lott encourages us to think about the ethics of the companies that make the products we put on and in our bodies and use to clean our home. Greenness can refer to ingredients, whether they are safe to dispose of normally, and whether they affect the environment in their growing and harvesting.

Dangerous synthetic chemicals such as chlorine, triclosan, phosphates, ammonia, and artificial coloring and fragrance, most of which you have probably seen on the news, are harmful and are responsible for many frightening side effects. Their ingredients contain known carcinogens, hormone disrupters, neurotoxins, and other ingredients harmful to humans and animals. Because of their small size and rapid development, the fetus is especially vulnerable and has no choice what he or she is exposed to. Conditions that can be due to toxins in the environment are asthma, allergies including rashes and skin problems, and headaches. Isn’t it worth a try to see if you can feel better by going green?

Companies sometimes try to make their products appear green when they truly are not. Because this status is currently unregulated by the government, it is up to you and others to research products you consider purchasing.

Going green can even save money by reducing the number of specialized cleaning products you purchase. Many effective cleaners can be made from baking soda, vinegar, plain liquid soap, and water. Won’t you try them? Pick up Green Cleaning by Cynthia Lott for all the recipes.

Book Review: Sober Mercies

Sober Mercies

Buy “Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up with a Christian Drunk”

Sober Mercies, by Heather Kopp, was a frightening look behind the scenes of the social alcoholic. She thought for the longest time that she couldn’t be an alcoholic, because she was a Christian, and she couldn’t believe she was like those people who went to meetings. But she carried mini wine bottles in her purse, had a secret stash at home, and blacked out, forgetting whole evenings until her husband told her how unreasonable she’d become. There was almost no situation she could survive without alcohol, and every night she began drinking at 4 or 5 p.m. Amazing that her husband stood by her as he was frequently embarrassed and the object of her drunken tirades, not to mention the expense of her addiction. Heather tells how this all affected her relationships with her first family, her children, and her step children, how it affected holiday traditions, even kept her from taking trips because she was afraid she’d have trouble getting enough alcohol. Her lies and deception will shock you as you hear the great lengths she went to to hide her drinking from friends, family, even her husband, until she could hide it no longer.

Not your typical drunk-turned-sober story, anyone who has ever wondered if they might have a drinking problem should get this audio book, Sober Mercies, by Heather Kopp. I was so embarrassed for her as she outlined her strategies to get and hide alcohol and the intricate lies she told. It was humbling, and yet enlightening, and kept me listening to find out if she, her marriage, and her children, would survive. Would people respect her? Could she ever respect herself? One of the “Mercies” of the title is that God still loves us despite our issues, baggage, and sins.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.

Flu Season?

You hear everywhere people talking about what’s going around, and that you are bound to catch it.  Not so, if you are careful.

Dairy is responsible for most ear infections and colds, in my opinion, because it is mucus-forming.  Many grains and soy products also have this effect.  Grain free/dairy free would be the best preventive diet.

As far as what to add, I would determine bowel tolerance for Vitamin C and dose
everyone in your family just below that level daily.  I myself take 4-5 1000 mg tablets every morning and can’t remember the last sinus infection or cold that lasted more than a day or two.  Bowel tolerance is determined by starting with one pill.  The next day take two.  The next day take three.  When it causes diarrhea, you’ve taken too much.  The diarrhea will last an hour or less.  One or two pills below that level is likely to be your best dose.

Detoxing helps too once you are sick.  I believe the old adage, “Starve a cold, feed a fever,” and in that order.  You would want to feed the fever, however,
with easily digestible foods.