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Book Review: The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming


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I was so impressed by The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming, by Slider. I have been interested in lucid dreaming for quite some time and this is the only method that gave me any success. I was able to reach the first goal the very first time I tried, and the second time I tried I was sitting at my desk and flipped into a lucid dream and almost fell off my chair. It’s recommended to try this only while lying down.

Lucid dreaming is realizing in a dream that you’re dreaming, an awareness of what’s happening. Think of the film, “Inception” as that is what they were experimenting with. Lucid dreaming sounds like a lot of fun, but it also has some practical uses. Have you ever wanted to fly in a dream? You can with lucid dreaming. Once you are in a lucid dream, just intend or think about what you want to do or where you want to go, and it happens.

This is the best book I have read so far on this subject. I’ve mentioned that I had success with it already. WILD is an acronym for Waking Induced Lucid Dreaming, as opposed to DILD or Dreaming Induced Lucid Dreaming. Many or most of the other lucid dreaming books out there require you to go to sleep, and then pick up clues you have been conditioning yourself with to realize that you are dreaming. For instance, some dreamers say to look at your hands. If you are dreaming, they may not look normal and you will hopefully realize that. They may appear to be deformed or disappear as you look at them. Sounds frightening, but there is no danger with the WILD method. Slider has truly achieved a landmark and everyone with any interest should pick up a copy of The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming.

What’s New About the New Year?

Are you still making New Year’s resolutions? I used to drive to a quiet lake on a dirt road on New Year’s Day, and think about things that I needed to change in my life.


Now the road is paved and I found out that it has a different name (Gilligan Lake) on Google Maps from what we always called it (Holt’s Lake). But I digress. It was a lovely spot to sit and think and that is what I need at times like this. Maybe I will take a trip there on my next day off. I haven’t been there in awhile.

My life has gotten so busy and hectic that I’m lucky if I can sit and sip tea and look out the window for 5 minutes a day. That will be happening a lot more in the near future as one of my resolutions this year is to do things that feed my soul, find my bliss, fulfill me. No matter what cliche I use, it sounds trite. Anyway, it all boils down to self-image or self-esteem. I deserve to be happy and I now allow myself to pursue my dreams and create my future.

If there are bad habits in your life, or you need to go after something you’ve always dreamed of, this is the time to do it. Find ways to make yourself a better person. Do something nice for someone else. Develop a new good habit. Whatever change looks like to you, now is the time. Write that novel or learn how. Learn a language. Make a new friend. I promise you won’t regret it.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and, Happy New Year!

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Book Review: The Anesthesia Game


The Anesthesia Game

Reading The Anesthesia Game by Rea Nolan Martin was an exciting surprise. Its title refers to a game Sydney plays to help her cope with her many hospitalizations. The many things I loved about it included the characters, the description, the story line, and the interweaving reality with the spirit world. An engaging young girl had a disease, unnamed by mutual agreement of her family, but her condition was dire. Her mother had checked out some time before, unable to handle the stress and grief of her only child’s imminent death. Her father was mostly absent, unable to deal with either of them. Enter Aunt Hannah, who doesn’t exactly have her own life in order, but has a scheme to extricate herself from catastrophic debt through an arrangement to care for Mitsy and Sydney for an extended period. Leaving her own family farm in the hands of her ex-husband, she traipses off to Connecticut to care for her sister and niece. She and Sydney are extremely close and the girl actually says once, “I wish you were my mother.” Unfortunately her mother heard it, which fuels the fire between Hannah and Mitsy.

This book was incredible and will appeal to readers of the Carlos Castenada series about his apprenticeship as a sorcerer, and also those who liked Eat Pray Love. The Anesthesia Game is reminiscent of both these books, and you will fall in love with the characters as they rally around Sydney in hopes of saving her life. Lives are transformed in the process. New relationships are started, and old ones are renewed. Two new lives enter the picture, signifying hope, and one exits, providing a different type of hope. I will be looking for more from Rea Nolan Martin.


Book Review: Mindsharing by Lior Zoref



Mindsharing is a new release from Portfolio/Penguin Publishers, by Lior Zoref, a first time author from Israel. Formerly the Vice-President of Marketing for consumer and online services at Microsoft, he left that company when he realized he had done all the right things, had a great job, but knew in his heart there was something more. He decided to follow his dream to speak at Ted, and developed a concept called Mindsharing–The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything.

What is Mindsharing? It is using the power of the “crowd” (which can be your social media connections) to help you learn things or make decisions. Zoref relates stories such as the mother who knew something was really wrong with her 4-year-old, although the doctor sent him home with an antibiotic. When that didn’t help, she posted a photo of her son on Facebook and very quickly had several people telling her of a disease that could be fatal–which is what he had. She rushed back to the hospital and saved her son’s life.

When you need information, such as research for a book, you can turn to your crowd. Rather than do all the research yourself, you can use the advice of all the experts you already know. Do you know engineers, avionics software experts, or restorers of ancient artifacts? They would probably love to be quoted and help advise your projects.

There may be doctors, architects, or writers in your crowd to help you diagnose your mother, design the perfect house for your family, or tell you how to get published. Talk to them about things that matter and they may likewise need your expertise in drywall hanging, cutting trees down, or low carb recipes.

I found myself turning down the corners of page after page as Zoref shared a multitude of companies, websites and apps I had never heard of that could improve my life, such as BillGuard for identity protection, and CrowdMed to learn possible diagnoses for one’s illnesses. This is a valuable book for anyone who wants to hack or improve their life, and doesn’t know where to start. I plan to refer to it often as I try the different techniques and apps I’ve just learned about.

Mindsharing is set to launch April 28.  Lior Zoref lives in Israel with his wife and three children and maintains the mindsharing.info website and facebook.com/mind.sharing.book Facebook page. He’s a genius, and he’s an ordinary guy. He can be contacted at liorz@live.com, followed at twitter.com/liorz, and friended at facebook.com/lior.zoref. His openness with this contact information, which is in his book, reflects the open nature of mindsharing itself. We are meant to live in community. By holding back, we hold everyone back.

Kudos to Lior Zoref and best wishes with the book launch.

Book Review: The Legend of the Head Chef’s Knife

The Legend of the Head Chef’s Knife

The Legend of the Head Chef’s Knife, by Richard Hsu, is a marvel and a delight to all the senses. The descriptions of the food preparation actually made me try some new things in my own kitchen. Further, the chapters about the boys learning to cook prize winning Taiwanese food are spiced up by a several generations intrigue surrounding the top restaurant in Taipei. In between the parts of the story, there are chapters with descriptions of Buddhism, Chinese culture, and family codes of honor. I was absolutely enchanted by the story and also by the descriptions of the foods and how they were prepared.

Ling-Shao is studying hard as an apprentice to become a head chef to honor his father, who was killed by bandits. He had himself been a chef and so it was very important to Ling-Shao to follow him. But things kept going wrong. He broke an important dish for a competition. He tried his own ideas, which was certainly frowned upon by the strict management with an insistence on tradition. And somehow, he had earned the wrath of one of the chefs who relished making his life miserable and trying to make him fail. Twice he was even sent out of the kitchen in disgrace to do other, more menial jobs.

The Legend of the Head Chef’s Knife will delight readers who enjoy authors like Amy Tan. With the multi-faceted descriptions of Taiwanese culture, readers will learn about many things besides Taiwanese cooking and the entertainment of a good story. Highly recommended for any Amy Tan fans and anyone who enjoys Asian fiction or culture.

Review of Anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live

DAVRecently I had the pleasure to meet Evida Suntoyo on Goodreads. We agreed to swap book reviews. Hers, December Sunshine: Love in Jave is a real treat to read, with beautiful imagery and a lyrical story. But I am not quite finished reading. When I do, I promise to give you a full review.  In the meantime, I am delighted to link to her review of the recent anthology I compiled, Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1) featuring 38 authors from around the world. I hope she will put a story in the next one! Without further rambling, here is the link to her review of Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1)

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