Fall Update


Lots going on this fall.

Hi! I’ve been busy with a new part-time job since May. I’m working at the local hospital doing registration of lab and test patients in several settings. I enjoy it, but I’m missing writing, so I’ve dived back in with a freelance job writing blog posts for Personal Resilience.

I’ve just finished uploading Hoarder’s Nightmare to Createspace for paperback publication. You can find it there in a week or less.

In addition, Christmas bazaar/craft and gift show season is almost here and I’ve signed up for one with some other authors. Featured will be Hoarder’s Nightmare, Medieval Blood, Prophecy of Enchantria, and Godly Expectations in paperback. I also hope to get some text blocks made with writing and reading themes, like little signs you can put on your desk or a shelf. Also some handmade smudge sticks I put together this morning.

Join me December 2 if you’re in the area.

I haven’t had any free books on Amazon in awhile so it’s high time. Blood Moon, an anthology of stories about change, will be free on Amazon October 16-20. Here’s a link.

Finally, watch for some fun giveaways coming soon.


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Free download through April 21-Medieval Blood

Medieval Blood free through this Friday. Reviews appreciated.

Download here.  http://amzn.to/2nTGha4

Return and click right here to link easily to the review page on Amazon.  Even just a star rating and a few nice words will go a long way to help others find this book. Thanks in advance.

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Huge Free Romance Books Event

Big news for you today! Size matters. My book Medieval Blood is featured on Instafreebie as part of a big romance giveaway. It’s the tale of a real life bloodthirsty Countess who always gets what she wants.

Details right here.  https://romancebooks.blog

And here. Tome Tender

If  you’re a romance fan you can download til your heart’s content…if it can indeed be satisfied…surely these saucy stories will help. Enjoy! And all authors will appreciate a nice review on Amazon when you’re done.

Made possible by @instafreebie and @rbdotblog.




Kindle Unlimited Friday – Free March eBooks

Check here indiesunlimited.com

for Kindle Unlimited books which are free to you if you’re a KU member.

This list will grow throughout the day today and the links should still be active in future.

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Authors this is a great way to publicize your books and those of other Indie authors. This is a very helpful daily blog from Indies Unlimited if you think you might want to sign up.

And here’s my links:

Beautiful new covers!

Check out my new covers on Amazon, links below pictures. Thanks to all for your support!  You’re the reason for my success.





























https://www.instafreebie.com/free/N0Fui  (This link will get you a free copy)

a Rafflecopter giveaway (This link can also win you a $10 Amazon gift card)


Mailing List for Readers http://eepurl.com/bmKaL5

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Free and discounted books for my subscribers!

Your ship has just come in . . .

And it’s loaded with books!

First: I have my Filled With the Holy Spirit on Instafreebie for free HERE.

Next, all my books are now .99 HERE (so of course it would be silly to pay for the Holy Spirit book when it is free, above).

Finally, all my books are in KDP Select, which means they are eligible for lending and FREE for Kindle Unlimited users HERE.

If you had your eye on one or more, be my guest. I just ask that you review any of my books that you take home. Not a requirement, just asking. Thanks if you do.

More books coming soon!

Also connect with me here:

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2nd try–Can you give me a hand and vote on my next book genre?

I’ve learned that I want to write a series! Please take the following poll (one minute or less) and let me know which genre you’d prefer to read from me.

Thanks in advance!

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Could You Escape the Countess?

Medieval on amazon


Buy a copy here.

Have you heard of Countess Bathory? In the 1500s she murdered her servant girls to harvest their blood as a beauty treatment. Today, she would be called a deranged and brutal serial killer. In the 1500s, she was royalty and could do with her servants as she pleased. Read the story of what could have happened in Medieval Blood.

Did she torture her victims? Her very first episode stemmed from her ill treatment of a servant girl, beating the girl until she bled, splashing her blood on the countess’ face.  Did she mean to kill them or only to take a bit of their blood? Did she even bathe in their blood, or, worse, drink her fill of its warm, salty richness? Was she indeed the forerunner of the vampires reputed to originate in Eastern Europe? How was she discovered and how many did she kill…and how did she do it? If you like a horror story you will love Medieval Blood.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon if you liked Medieval Blood. Medieval Blood…it’s the vintage that matters.

Book Review: A Short Time to Stay Here


Recipient of the Willie Morris Award for Southern fiction.

A Short Time to Stay Here, by Terry Roberts

A little known part of American history is that World War I German soldiers were kept in an internment camp in North Carolina, in a converted luxury hotel. Complete with hot spring baths and contradictorily a hastily erected chain link fence, the soldiers were kept busy and allowed to build models of their German village and other projects they chose to do. While this seemed lenient to some, if they were content they might not try to escape.

The hotel manager, Steven Robbins, was given the position of supervising this camp, since he already knew the facility and grounds so well. Friction came from the town sheriff, a troublemaker if you ever saw one. Known as a hard man, a cheater, and a womanizer, Robbins stayed under the radar to avoid attracting his wrath.

In the midst of it all, a well known American photographer came to see if she could take pictures of the Germans and the internment camp. Robbins was at first reluctant to allow this potential invasion of privacy. He had too much to do what with keeping an eye on the prisoners.

Trouble ensues. I wish to avoid spoilers, so I will finish by saying this is an intimate look at a fascinating period of history. Lives are lost of some good and some bad. Anyone who likes historical fiction will enjoy this book. Though it is historical fiction, it’s more intrigue than romance, but there is some of both. I very much enjoyed reading A Short Time to Stay Here.