New Video–How I got to work from home, Video 10!

Check out my latest Author video, How I got to work from home, Video 10! It describes how I am tweaking my marketing plans and also the latest new release actually on pre-order, at Amazon. You can order it here if you just want to buy it.

The pre-order is Hoarder’s Nightmare and I am in final editing and filling in a few chapters. Time to get reviews going so anyone that wants to do a review let me know your contact information. Thanks so much.



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Supportive Saturday! Check inside for links to book deals and worthwhile reads.


I’ve declared today Supportive Saturday. Borrowing from a private Facebook group I belong to, I’m sharing links for other authors.

Free e-book, a highschool novel about bullying., Caged by Elisa Dane.

Novel debut, teen novel about social issues, Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay.

Mailing list (mine) including a free sci fi story upon joining.

Free publishing book Guerilla Publishing by Derek Murphy

20 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy books in boxed set for .99! It would take me a year to read all these. Myths & Legends collected by Margo Bond Collins.

Victoria Otieno Hefty says If anyone has a book that is targeted at moms, new mothers, or pregnant woman, she would be happy to promote on her blog Philly Baby Bump.

Follow this guy and watch for his new horror series debut release Immortalis to be featured soon.

Enter to win a Kindle here and novels about food to read on it!


A giveaway on Sunday 3/19/17 only, at and you can follow her at @elizashworth on Twitter.

Lucidium: Rise of the Dragons, Coming March 31. Just 99 cents right now.

Free KDP children’s book


I may just add to this through the week, or consider doing it on additional Saturdays! Hope you enjoy, leave comments and follow the other authors. And let me know what 1 line I can add for you. Teamwork rocks!!

Beautiful new covers!

Check out my new covers on Amazon, links below pictures. Thanks to all for your support!  You’re the reason for my success.

















  (This link will get you a free copy)

a Rafflecopter giveaway (This link can also win you a $10 Amazon gift card)


Mailing List for Readers

Choose from Best-Sellers and New Releases Now

How I Got to Work From Home – Video 8

This video is about a strategy to get more people to subscribe to your email list. This email list is valuable because your followers can help you promote, and in return you can give them perks.Check out my latest video on my career as an author at home. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more.

Check out my latest video on my career as an author at home. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more.


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – 50 Ways to Alleviate Boredom by Mary C. Blowers

I am honored to be featured in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore today. Please visit her link below and leave your comments. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the first book promotion of the week and if you would like to showcase your work here you will find a link at the bottom of the post. Today the latest book by Mary C. Blowers who is a mu…

Source: Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – 50 Ways to Alleviate Boredom by Mary C. Blowers

How I Got to Work From Home, Video 4

I hope you’re following my new YouTube series, How I Got to Work From Home. In it I am going through the process I took to write, publicize and sell my work. Here’s the latest.

Keep writing,


Are You Self Publishing or What?

bookI am interested to find out what you as writers are doing for marketing and publishing. So far I have been totally self-published, with a few small ads placed for marketing.

I am thinking of trying the editing/publication and marketing services of an agency, as well as finding a professional cover designer, and would love for you to post your experiences & referrals, good and bad, naming names. No profanity please, I just want a heads up and to give my business to a worthwhile company.

Createspace? Writers ReliefAuthor Marketing Club? Credo Communications?

Tell me what services you paid for and what your experience was. What did that get you and did you feel it was worthwhile?

I’ve used Createspace for printing and retailing my books, and they do a fine job.

I am looking at this week and they have a lot of free information such as this page: Let me know if you have used any of the companies they recommend.

2016 is the year to add a “figure” to my book sales. Looking for 5 figures or more this year. With your recommendations and God’s help I can do it.


Don’t forget I am always looking for serious freelancers who would like to be considered to help prepare my books and those of other quality authors for publication, both print and E-Books. Please sign up here and I’ll send you more information.  Limited time offer! Word of Mouth Referrals.


Here is a link to the FREE database so far.  Feel free to download the list and share the link with anyone you wish.


#NEW #BOOK PROMO SITE! Check out the #FREE opportunity NOW!

Be sure to take advantage of this free advertising opportunity for your books! Time may be limited.  Read the entire post to make sure you qualify.  Hope to see you there.

Source: #NEW #BOOK PROMO SITE! Check out the #FREE opportunity NOW!

Introducing Reader’s Gazette! is a site that will tweet about your book for a YEAR for free.  Here is a link to play a game and learn about one of my books. They are very faithful about tweeting so I think you will love it if you sign up.

Try the match game–one of my books is among the featured book covers. After you win you will see a summary of all of the books in the game.

Another New Release: Create Your Book Start to Finish

Create Your Book cover

The one you’re waiting for . . .

How to create and publish your story!

After months of work I’m releasing my latest book on how to publish your own story.  Check it out at Smashwords and Amazon.  (Hint–it’s 1/2 off through July at Smashwords. Just enter the coupon code found below the “Buy” button, when you check out).

Let me know your thoughts and I would love it if you’d review it. I swap reviews so let me know if this is of interest.