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I’m trying something new this month. BundleRabbit will create a box set for you. They’re very helpful – I needed lots of help since I’ve never “bundled” before.

So I’ve put together The Ultimate Guides to Indie Publishing Bundle which includes 6 books on writing and publishing from 5 authors including me. is the link to purchase. If you would like to WIN a copy I will be giving away 3.

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Book review: Plant Based Intermittent Fasting

I enjoyed reading the book Plant-Based Intermittent Fasting by Andrea J. Clark. I have long wanted to be vegetarian, but couldn’t seem to have enough energy while not eating meat, fish and poultry. I have also been interested in intermittent fasting as it seems to have a lot of good science behind it and could be a way to eat fewer calories without suffering. I’ve tried it in the past, eating only from noon to 8 p.m., and that seems to be a good time frame for me. Somehow I got away from that and began eating breakfast again and snacking at night. That extended my eating period to roughly sixteen hours. Clark’s book combines these two desires, for me to lose weight and be vegetarian.

Intermittent fasting works because you eat for instance for 8 hours a day (not nonstop) and fast for 16 hours. This allows your digestive system to fully digest what you have eaten in the eight hours, assimilate it and not store the excess as fat.

My previous job had a lot to do with my weight gain because I was not allowed to eat at my desk except quick finger foods that are not messy and would not deter me from answering the phone. In addition I had to be careful not to get any stains on the papers I was working on. So I had a granola bar every day for breakfast and usually went out for lunch because I couldn’t eat at my desk. Now I am not working outside the home so I can eat when and what I like. That was tough to control at first as I also had time to bake cookies and bread. I plan to stick with this diet for a few weeks and see what happens. I had success with intermittent fasting before so I think it will work. I enjoy beans and vegetables which are prevalent in this diet.

Several different versions of intermittent fasting are covered in this book. One may be right for you.

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How I Got to Work from Home, Video 5

I’ve posted another video today, How I Got to Work From Home, Video 5. This episode goes into KDP publishing with Amazon. Please share with everyone and subscribe to view all the videos. Thanks for watching.

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Book Review: Health, Wellness and Longevity


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Health, Wellness & Longevity by Steve Dimon reflects a wealth of research. So much more than an Eat This While Avoiding That premise, Health Wellness & Longevity goes through every possible topic including where food comes from, GMOs, macronutrients, water, sugar, grains, types of dietary fat, detoxing, how to eat for health, micronutrients, techniques for healing, and so much more. The appendices include doctor testimonials to prove the efficacy of Dimon’s methods. His expertise comes from the self-learning he undertook after suffering a stroke. Using these techniques he was able to heal himself and he wishes to spread the word and coach others to do the same.

You will be surprised to learn of the healthiness of chicken skin and dark meat. The brain contains a high percentage of fat, as do certain other areas of the body, so to be healthy it is not recommended to adopt a low fat diet. Something else you may not realize is that pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, and government subsidized farming have a powerful on your health. Profit is the reason your doctor receives free drug samples to hand out to patients—thereby getting them dependent. It’s also the reason the government has paid farmers to grow, or even not to grow, certain crops. Be wise and learn the cultural factors that affect our diets.

Are eggs good or bad? What really causes cancer? Are GMOs and irradiated foods really safe? Steve Dimon will help you to evaluate all this and more in Health, Wellness and Longevity in a user friendly understandable way. I am always looking for ways to improve my health so I enjoyed listening to this audio book. It will provide you with many facts and methods to improve your own health.

Book Review: Full Color Life – How to live a creative, balanced life

Full Color Life by Margery Walshaw is an amazing book. It is a career balancing book, but not in the typical sense. It is mostly geared toward writers and other creatives, but these principles could be applied to any type of career. As a writer, I found it extremely helpful to be reminded to balance spiritual, physical, and mental or emotional aspects of my life to benefit my creativity. Full Color Life would be helpful to any artist, writer or potentially even for dancers and aficionados of other art forms.

Part 1 of Full Color Life deals with understanding why balance is important and the different factors that may be at play. There may be fears, beliefs and biases based on or rooted in things that happened in your life in the past. Part 2 contains chapters relating to diet, fitness, schedule and relationships. All of these areas need to be individually balanced in one’s life to be most effective at whatever one chooses to do, in their career or otherwise. Part 3 is the practical application of the principles outlined in the book. Full Color Life means just that. Your diet will include vegetables of many colors. Your exercise program, your schedule and your relationships should also be similarly varied in content. Variety is indeed the spice of life and if you choose variety you will be more creative. This book as I mentioned will be very helpful to me as an author and in the many other creative hobbies and pursuits which I enjoy.

Margery Walshaw is an acclaimed lecturer and publisher with the firm, Evatopia.

How I Got to Work From Home, Video 4

I hope you’re following my new YouTube series, How I Got to Work From Home. In it I am going through the process I took to write, publicize and sell my work. Here’s the latest.

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