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Book Review: Health, Wellness and Longevity


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Health, Wellness & Longevity by Steve Dimon reflects a wealth of research. So much more than an Eat This While Avoiding That premise, Health Wellness & Longevity goes through every possible topic including where food comes from, GMOs, macronutrients, water, sugar, grains, types of dietary fat, detoxing, how to eat for health, micronutrients, techniques for healing, and so much more. The appendices include doctor testimonials to prove the efficacy of Dimon’s methods. His expertise comes from the self-learning he undertook after suffering a stroke. Using these techniques he was able to heal himself and he wishes to spread the word and coach others to do the same.

You will be surprised to learn of the healthiness of chicken skin and dark meat. The brain contains a high percentage of fat, as do certain other areas of the body, so to be healthy it is not recommended to adopt a low fat diet. Something else you may not realize is that pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, and government subsidized farming have a powerful on your health. Profit is the reason your doctor receives free drug samples to hand out to patients—thereby getting them dependent. It’s also the reason the government has paid farmers to grow, or even not to grow, certain crops. Be wise and learn the cultural factors that affect our diets.

Are eggs good or bad? What really causes cancer? Are GMOs and irradiated foods really safe? Steve Dimon will help you to evaluate all this and more in Health, Wellness and Longevity in a user friendly understandable way. I am always looking for ways to improve my health so I enjoyed listening to this audio book. It will provide you with many facts and methods to improve your own health.

Book Review: Chemicalism


I am a Chemaholic! Are you? Find out here.

There are so many chemicals in our food and drinks that many of us are sick and tired. Tap water can contain plastics, weed killers, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other toxins. Even bottled water, if it does not say “spring water” or “purified water,” is simply tap water bottled for convenience. This alone can have terrible effects on your body. Your organs are designed to purify what is in your body, and excrete the toxins, but they can become overloaded and diseased. Why not put in only the best?

Simon Kadwill-Kelly has done an amazing thing. He has put together a healthy eating and lifestyle plan, simply enough that anyone can follow it, but still with enough detail and new information that I, a certified Nutrition Consultant, learned several things. For instance, I knew that food can be addictive. But I had no idea that filling up with nutritious food and pure water, and never taking a bite of chocolate, or cookie, or a drink of tap water, would give you so much energy. And I didn’t know that it can take weeks for your body to get used to the healthy changes, during which time you may feel like you have a cold, or tired, or even experience skin eruptions and bowel movement changes. Never fear; according to Simon you will one day have energy to burn! He himself had severe sciatica (back pain) for ten years, and when he had recovered through this plan he went for an ambitious bicycle ride and still had energy when he got to his destination, so he went even further.

Chemicalism by Simon Kadwill-Kelly is a book for anyone who would like more energy or to heal themselves, and has tried diets, exercise, and pills. He lost 3-1/2 stone (about 50 pounds) using healthy, natural foods and pure water.  This is not a guarantee of results, but it makes so much sense. I am excited to try it and buy a better water purifier too because Kadwill-Kelly says you must even use purified water for making tea and boiling food. I have tried many things in the past myself, and am healthier than I used to be, but I would like to feel better. This is an easy recipe for me because I know how to cook, so I hope to have great results.


Book Review: The Alchemy of Well-Being


The Alchemy of Well-Being is one of the most interesting health books I have read in a long time. Dr. Matthew Potts has created a system whereby one can discover the root of their health and life problems, utilizing a lengthy questionnaire. This questionnaire, called the Code Breaker, delves into areas such as eating habits, thought patterns, relationships and symptoms to come up with a prioritized action plan that can help you revolutionize your life. The Code Breaker will tell you where to start and which chapters to read first for best results, which will help to prevent burnout with implementation of your action plan.

Alchemy was designed for a person like me. If you like to check off boxes and be part of creating your own step by step plan for self-improvement, then it was written for you too. Dr. Potts is even available for one on one consultations either by Skype or in person if deeper work is indicated and desired. As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist myself, I can tell you that the nutrition recommendations are right on. I found some areas where I have slipped in my own diligence and so it is a valuable reminder even if you know what you should be doing, to actually do it. The section which I believe will be most instrumental in my own situation is that of overcoming emotional blocks. Through a short series of questions I was able to reveal negative thought patterns and hope to eradicate them through a special technique you will learn from this book. Thanks to Dr. Potts for this groundbreaking, or should I say code breaking, new book.

Book Review: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition


Buy “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Erica F. Verrillo, is an extremely comprehensive publication–over 800 pages–about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Over 15 years of hard work and much research have passed between the first edition and this new second edition. Written with Laura Gellman and consultation with several specializing physicians, this is truly everything you’d ever need to know about these conditions.

CFS/ME is a condition which is baffling at best. It can manifest by a combination of many different symptoms but there is no definitive diagnostic lab test. Therefore it is often called a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that many other conditions can be ruled out by specific tests and if the problem is none of those, it is sometimes called CFS or ME by default. It can cause complete disability, but because of the word “Fatigue” in the name, is often minimized by doctors and the public. This book gives a thorough history of episodes of this condition from its earliest recognition.

Many theories are explained as to why this occurs and how to treat it. Symptoms can range from physical to mental to sexual. They are so varied from patient to patient that it is difficult at best to make any general statements about CFS/ME. Still, it is imperative that these patients get any information that is known about it, and all the current treatments and drug information. As with any illness there are traditional allopathic and alternative holistic treatments, and all have some benefit for some people. Unfortunately, all cases do not behave identically.

Coping & management strategies range from stress reduction to rest to stimulant and alcohol avoidance. There are many, many resources given in this book either by text or by hyperlink to other websites and companies. All in all I am very impressed with this book—it is truly a treatment guide for patient and doctor or practitioner to work through together. 5 stars.



Book Review: Green Cleaning


 Buy “Green Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips for the Eco-Friendly (House Cleaning Done Right)”

Green Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips for the Eco-Friendly, by Cynthia Lott, is just as the title states and more. Not simply page after page of recipes, the rationale is given why you would want to go “green”. I found it quite enlightening as Lott encourages us to think about the ethics of the companies that make the products we put on and in our bodies and use to clean our home. Greenness can refer to ingredients, whether they are safe to dispose of normally, and whether they affect the environment in their growing and harvesting.

Dangerous synthetic chemicals such as chlorine, triclosan, phosphates, ammonia, and artificial coloring and fragrance, most of which you have probably seen on the news, are harmful and are responsible for many frightening side effects. Their ingredients contain known carcinogens, hormone disrupters, neurotoxins, and other ingredients harmful to humans and animals. Because of their small size and rapid development, the fetus is especially vulnerable and has no choice what he or she is exposed to. Conditions that can be due to toxins in the environment are asthma, allergies including rashes and skin problems, and headaches. Isn’t it worth a try to see if you can feel better by going green?

Companies sometimes try to make their products appear green when they truly are not. Because this status is currently unregulated by the government, it is up to you and others to research products you consider purchasing.

Going green can even save money by reducing the number of specialized cleaning products you purchase. Many effective cleaners can be made from baking soda, vinegar, plain liquid soap, and water. Won’t you try them? Pick up Green Cleaning by Cynthia Lott for all the recipes.

My new mini-book, Anti-Aging Secrets


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Book Review: Your Perfect Diet

Perfect Diet

Your Perfect Diet: How to Customize Your Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health

Your Perfect Diet, How to Customize Your Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health, by Ronald Bazar, is the book I wish I had written. I do a fair amount of reading and writing of this type of material, and Bazar has gone into minute detail about steps you must take if you wish to improve your health. Speaking from experience since he has undergone several emergency situations involving his prostate, his instructions are clear and easy to understand. In addition, the text is packed with links to explanatory videos, articles, and books.

Ronald Bazar gives fascinating rationale for the recommendations he provides. Rather than just saying “drink 8 glasses of water a day,” he explains the dangers of too much or too little water, and how to tell just how much your body needs. The science behind the suggestions helps lend credibility. I learned a few things I had not heard before, such as that eating raw fruits and vegetables, especially tropical ones, tells your body you are getting plenty of sunlight and not to make any Vitamin D. I had not realized that the availability of fruit from all over the world could play a role in the Vitamin D deficiency epidemic we are currently experiencing. This is one reason he recommends that we eat locally grown food in season.

Also covered in Your Perfect Diet are toxins in food, sleep quality, and a technique called muscle testing to see whether a food or supplement you want to ingest is good for you, and in what amounts. This muscle testing can be performed along or with a helping partner, or you can alternately use dowsing methods. I am forever looking for ways to be healthier and I think this book will provide me with some help.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite