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Article in Better Homes and Gardens: Quilt Sampler

Something a little different today. My mom and I recently stopped in to a local quilting shop, Pressing Matters, and found that the shop was featured in Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine. Since this is right down the street from my house and I know the owner, I wanted to pick up the magazine, give a little more information and give a little support to the owner, Kelly Kindt.

You can get the article here.  the article 

And here’s my photos of this darling shop.









Call or visit the Shoppe today or sign up on their website for email updates.

399 E. 32nd St., Holland, MI 49423



Reblog from Smogasbord

Welcome to the weekly round up and the links to the Smorgasbord posts you might have missed.This week David has been swinging through the trees in the garden. Not doing a ‘Tarzan’ but wearing a hard hat and safety harness. He is removing some old and dead trees and also some that have grown too […]

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FREE ARC Copy of May 14 release

How would you like to read about this guy?

I have this book available on PreOrder through Amazon here. http://amzn.to/2nln00i. You can order now for just .99 and wait till May, or you can get a draft copy from me now.

It’s the story of a woman, who is interested in this man, and has trouble getting him interested in her due to her hoarding problem! Magic happens.

For the advance reader copy, which is FREE, I need to know that you plan to write a review and post it on release day. It can be quick, but hopefully a positive review. You’ll get a reminder to review.

Another way to help is just to forward this link to your contacts and reader friends.

Please let me know if you’d like to read now and review, and I will send a free copy right out to you. It’s not quite finished so keep that in mind. You’ll be able to download a completed copy on May 14 or if you buy now, they will send it to you on that date. For anyone that buys and reviews I will refund their payment via a .99 gift card.

Sound like a deal? I hope to hear from many of you.

Reply to this email. Feel free to refer your friends as well.

Let me know any other ways you may be able to share the release. Thanks!

Free books, reviews requested


Looking for #reader #reviewer for my books amazon.com/author/marycblowers if you want a free copy. Please join email list http://eepurl.com/bmKaL5. Free short sci-fi story will be included in the first email.

All books free to Kindle Unlimited, otherwise email me with the book you’d like and in which format.

Please share and forward. Thanks!

Blood in the Water #FREE This Weekend

Creative post! I downloaded this book. Thanks for the reminder on the Oscars too. I always seem to miss those.


The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony – that’s the Oscars to you and me – will take place this Sunday and in celebration of this momentous occasion I am making my latest novel Blood in the Water available for FREE download all weekend!


What is the connection between Blood in the Water and the Oscars you ask?

Well, in addition to being the basis for a future Best Picture Winner, it has loads of connections!!!

First, the main character in the story is named Bob Oscarson, but he goes by the nickname Oscar.


Not enough for you?

How about this…in the story there are sharks – and as we all know Jaws (a movie about a shark) won 3 Oscars…Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Music. It was also nominated for Best Picture, but lost to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (Damn you Jack Nicholson).



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Book review: Creating Stories

Hank Quense has penned a masterpiece in Creating Stories. The structure of a story, whether it be long or short, story or book, is outlined with detailed instructions on how to make each of these sections work. For instance, rather than being made up of chapters a book is really made up of scenes. There is a standard outline for any story, but very briefly you are introduced to the main characters, and then there’s a conflict, then there is resolution of the conflict.

Quense used a number of graphics in the book as visual aids and they are sort of like flowcharts, for instance to outline many different aspects of the characters. I learned that I just have to double tap on the graphics to open them up larger. They are useful examples of what you could be doing to plan your work.

Quense shares his unique viewpoints and methods on plot, setting, characters, writer’s voice, and using humor correctly. Not written for Pantsers, this book will add structure to anyone’s writing. It’s the logical way to approach crafting a story.

Creating Stories is available for pre-order and will be released on April 1, 2017.

Order yours today.

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2017’s Quest to find 1000 “True” Fans

Just found this blogger. I’ll be following her journey to get 1000 buying fans.

Joynell Schultz

So, I must have been living under a rock. A few weeks ago I heard of this concept of “1000 True Fans” for the first time.  (Detailed HERE.) The theory is that an artist can survive on 1000 true fans. While, for a self-publishing author who sells their novels for $0.99, this isn’t exactly true. I’m a nerd, here’s the math.

  • I can write 2 books per year and make royalties of $0.32 per book sold. So if each fan bought both books… that would be: 2 books x $0.32 x 1000 fans = $640 per year. Barely covers editing costs.
  • This is eye opening. Let’s say I charge $2.99 per book, that gives me royalties of about $2 each… so the math: 2 books x $2 x 1000 = $4000 per year. Still not enough to pay the mortgage.

The article says that 1000 true fans is not…

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