Guest Blog Guidelines

Here are my writer’s guidelines:

1. Become a follower and reader of this blog.


2. Read and follow my guidelines.

3. Submit your best headline idea and outline in the email body. I will respond and do one of the following:

  • Decline topic
  • Suggest alterations before approval
  • Make an assignment

4. Receiving an assignment is not a guarantee of publication. Article is still subject to final approval.

5. I will try to schedule on your preferred date. Please give me at least a week or two lead time.

6. I prefer 500-1000 word guest posts (unless a longer length we agree upon).

7. On the day your post goes up, please check in and respond to comments. Part of what I want is you helping to drive social media engagement and sharing of the post.

How to get your post idea accepted

Some great ideas:

Firsthand, practical advice about some creative way to get published and/or increase your freelance writing income.

Your personal story about growing your writing income or improving your skills.

The story behind your story–what led to a particular piece of successful writing.

Smartphone apps that help you as a writer.

I hope you’ll send me a guest post soon. Let’s share best practices.

–Mary Blowers


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