Book Review: Sugar is Poison


I enjoyed reading this book by Amy Mayer and indeed even learned some things. I am a certified nutritional consultant but I did not know about a certain fat hormone mentioned in this book. This is a good wake-up call especially to parents but for everyone who may be experiencing obesity or diabetes. School lunches are particularly a target of the recommendations of this book. Sugar is Poison outlines the different ways that manufacturers are encouraged to hide sugar in their products, at the expense of our children’s health. Read this and live better.


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Book Review: The Alchemy of Well-Being


The Alchemy of Well-Being is one of the most interesting health books I have read in a long time. Dr. Matthew Potts has created a system whereby one can discover the root of their health and life problems, utilizing a lengthy questionnaire. This questionnaire, called the Code Breaker, delves into areas such as eating habits, thought patterns, relationships and symptoms to come up with a prioritized action plan that can help you revolutionize your life. The Code Breaker will tell you where to start and which chapters to read first for best results, which will help to prevent burnout with implementation of your action plan.

Alchemy was designed for a person like me. If you like to check off boxes and be part of creating your own step by step plan for self-improvement, then it was written for you too. Dr. Potts is even available for one on one consultations either by Skype or in person if deeper work is indicated and desired. As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist myself, I can tell you that the nutrition recommendations are right on. I found some areas where I have slipped in my own diligence and so it is a valuable reminder even if you know what you should be doing, to actually do it. The section which I believe will be most instrumental in my own situation is that of overcoming emotional blocks. Through a short series of questions I was able to reveal negative thought patterns and hope to eradicate them through a special technique you will learn from this book. Thanks to Dr. Potts for this groundbreaking, or should I say code breaking, new book.

Book Review: Thyroid Diet

Thyroid Diet

Thyroid Diet : Thyroid Solution Diet & Natural Treatment Book For Thyroid Problems & Hypothyroidism Revealed!

Thyroid Diet–as it is called on its cover despite the discrepancy on its title page–by Jason Scotts is a fact-packed book about the inner workings of the endocrine gland system. I have had a thyroid condition for many years, but I learned some new things about how the hormones produced by the thyroid gland and other glands interact with each other. Also, all these hormones are affected by things like stress, diet, and genetics. The thyroid controls the metabolism of foods to produce energy. If it does not function as intended, weight gain and fatigue can occur and these are the first symptoms often noticed, as well as cold hands and feet and thinning of hair and nails.

Moreover, if a thyroid condition is undetected or untreated, it can lead to diseases like Type II Diabetes, heart disease, goiter, or even thyroid cancer, as well as obesity. The thyroid can become overactive (hyper) or underactive (hypo) and both are dangerous. Thyroid cancer is often referred to as “the easy cancer to cure,” but in reality it can be fatal just like any cancer, so it is nothing to trifle with.

Jason Scotts initially began researching to help the members of his family with thyroid issues. He is a strong proponent of another book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, by another author, and hints at tips, strategies, and recipes from that book. Many natural methods can be used to help the thyroid, but if the metabolism cannot be regulated with foods and supplements a person must get medical attention for their thyroid gland. This is a good informational book but I would like to see it go into more detail and provide more information.

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Sunlight Diet cover

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Book Review: Candida Diet Recipes



Sugar Free & Easy Candida Diet Recipes: 20 Minute Meals to Heal Bloating & Yeast Infections (and to Lose Weight & Have More Energy!) — BONUS: 4 Weeks Meal Plan included!

If you need a gluten, dairy, and yeast free food plan, look no further.  Sandra Boehner has created wonderful recipes using real whole foods in creative but easy ways.  Her purpose was to make available materials to support those on a Candida treatment diet.  These quick meals will delight your family and your taste buds as your healing grows.  Sandra has put a tremendous amount of work and love into this cookbook, even soliciting taste testers to try the recipes. I was fortunate enough to be a taste tester and it was a pleasure and an honor.  I look forward to using more of these recipes.  They are simple to follow. My favorites are the kidney bean and tomato stew, two different soups, and the almond butter balls.

Mini-Book Review: Missing Links

Missing Links


I am very impressed with Missing Links. I love self-help books and find that they can be a useful supplement to talk therapy, or used alone.  Missing Links by Daniel Petra explains what we know instinctively that by trying too hard to change ourselves we can become exhausted and give up. Therefore, “baby steps” can be an effective method of change in the process of giving up bad habits or acquiring new ones. Baby steps require less effort and can seem to promote a seamless transition to a better life.

Many aspects are covered including our creativity, setting priorities, deepening our self-awareness, getting over past hurts, and much more.  I think you will love Missing Links if you have ever wondered if you could be happier.

Book Review: Walk Yourself Skinny

Walk Yourself Skinny: Lose Weight Without Dieting or Starving and Even Eat Your Favorite Foods! (Lose Weight, Burn Fat Walking, Weight Loss And Get Thin Series)

Walk Yourself Skinny by Michael Manning is a great, basic, how-to-start-a-walking-program book.  One of the most dramatic examples is what it actually takes to lose a pound.  You must burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat, and therefore it will take 15.5 weeks for a slow walker walking 1.5 hours a week, to lose that pound.  One 250 calorie donut consumed per week will extend your time to reach your goal by a week!  This is not given as discouragement, but rather to motivate to greater achievement.  Everything is covered from type of shoes and clothing, to providing for water to drink, to where to walk.  Warm-ups are critical to avoid injury, especially for those not used to exercising.  A sample routine is given for getting started and if you are consistent and keep progressing, you will improve and you will benefit.  You can progress over several weeks for increased strength and stamina. Sample meal plans are given to show how you can still eat your favorite foods, in moderation, while staying within your calorie range.