Book review: As Glaciers Move


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As Glaciers Move by Joseph Whitson is a lovely book of poetry. Whitson has attempted to outline his whole life with poetry. Various episodes appear including everything from birth to death; first love to a marriage dragging out. It would seem that one is reading Whitson’s most intimate details of his life, but in reality one is reading his emotional responses to the various events. So rather than revealing specifics, he is revealing very intimate feelings. And feelings are after all subjective.

Glaciers, as everyone knows, move so slowly you cannot see the movement to stop and stare at it. Just like life, time passes without our realization. I frequently hear people say, I can’t believe it’s September already. I can’t believe it’s been 50 years since I was in high school. By stopping and observing the moments you can possibly learn and gain more from your life.

Those who know me are astounded to find that I read, liked, and reviewed a book of poetry. I frequently find poetry to be trite, but As Glaciers Move by Joseph Whitson is a vast exception to that rule. I could tell when I read the summary that it was different and worth taking a closer look. Perhaps I move slowly too. I have had many experiences in my life, in my 58 years, and could do with more reflections on those experiences to learn from them. I often keep too busy and do not take much time for reflecting. Maybe poetry allows us to do that. Maybe I should read more poetry. But I believe that anyone who likes introspective poetry will gain a lot from reading this book. It’s certainly changed my perspective.