Super Supportive Saturday-links for Authors and Readers

I’ve declared today Super Supportive Saturday. Borrowing from a private Facebook group I belong to, I’m sharing links for other authors.

Gwynn Roberts White The Dominion Rising Boxed Set authors have a special giveaway with amazing prizes (including 300K newsletter blasts) just for our fellow SciFi and Fantasy Authors. You can check it out here:

Kindle Scout Yvanca Wensing Nominating Chasing the Moonlit Sky would help me hugely! Hot and Trending thus far 😎

Melle Amade Melkumian I had a new release this week and would love shares about it.

Melle Amade Melkumian Also, I am in a boxset that just went on pre-order yesterday. Any purchases or shares would be much appreciated! =)

Angela J. Ford I’m running a 99 cent promo of my epic fantasy novel and would love to do a newsletter swap with other fantasy authors. I have April 13 and April 27 open right now. If interested would you shoot me an email with your book promo dates and purchase link? Also, I can include a custom blurb if you’d like:


Mailing list (mine) including a free sci fi story upon joining. Mention your interest in getting an ARC for Hoarder’s Nightmare and a free live copy when it launches after leaving a review on launch day May 14.

Four links promoting my books. This site will list your books for FREE so check it out.

Christie Speich wants to start a blog series on author websites. If you feel so inclined, please let her know your top 1-3 questions about author websites. You can email her at 

Check out this giveaway Stacy Claflin New Release Giveaway:

Bradley Charbonneau has put together a 10-Day Write Every Day Challenge. It’s FREE and if you know anyone who you think would benefit from a 10-day writing challenge, please send them along. Thanks!

Free publishing book Guerilla Publishing by Derek Murphy

Victoria Otieno Hefty says If anyone has a book that is targeted at moms, new mothers, or pregnant woman, she would be happy to promote on her blog Philly Baby Bump.

Follow this guy and watch for his new horror series debut release Immortalis to be featured here soon.  Also Gary M Sherwin is looking to build his following of potential readers at

Enter to win a Kindle here and novels about food to read on it!  (ends May 5, 2017)

Lucidium: Rise of the Dragons, Coming March 31. Just 99 cents right now.

Free KDP children’s book


Free Check for Plagiarism



I may just add to this through the week, or consider doing it on additional Saturdays! Hope you enjoy, leave comments and follow the other authors. And let me know what 1 line I can add for you. Teamwork rocks!!


Today's Bestsellers in Books!


Beautiful new covers!

Check out my new covers on Amazon, links below pictures. Thanks to all for your support!  You’re the reason for my success.

















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Author Spotlight – P.S. Winn

I think she deserves the “Most Prolific Author Award.” I met P. S. Winn when she submitted a great story for my first anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live.  Since then she has published dozens of books. Here they are. Amazing! You can find them all at




What inspired you to write your first book? – In 2012, my husband was told he didn’t have long to live. We decided to move to my hometown so I could be closer to my family. Moving fast, we almost had to leave some of the writing I had done and hid in a closet. I decided to put them in book form then and there and now it seems after 44, I can’t stop.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? – I believe in hope despite odds. I like to think you will find that even when the books are supernatural or science fiction. I like to add a bit of a spiritual twist. Not religious so much as the spiritual side of hope and love.

What books have most influenced your life most? – Anything and everything I have ever read has an impact on my own works. I think this is also true of anyone I meet or anywhere I have visited.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? – I hate the promotion, but the rest of writing is always an amazing journey. I love my characters because they take over the books and let me know what should be written.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? – I always learn something new. In the latest book, “Deadly Afflictions” I had to learn a lot about anxiety disorder. I love characters that overcome the flaws and problems they are dealt.

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book? – Anyone who likes to get away from the world for a moment in time. I write everything from preschool and young adult to a lot of supernatural novels. I also think it is the readers who make the stories. Their own imaginations join with the writer’s to make a book more special than it started.

Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image/artwork? – Some of the art work I draw myself, like for “Wings to Whispers” and “Viewings”. A few books are pictures I have taken and the others I use those available on create space. For the book “Viewings” the drawing of an old barn came first and the story worked around the image.

Do any of the books you write come from your own childhood? – Yes, especially my stretched stories series, which are humorous tall tales that are fun explanations for everyday things like why a cow says moo.

How do you feel when someone disagrees with something you have written? – I try to look at what they say and learn from it. The reviews that are unrealistic I try and ignore, but that can be hard. I know there are some people who write bad reviews out of meanness, which is awful, but also a fact of life that branches way beyond writing.

How do you make sure the information for your nonfiction books is accurate and up-to-date? – Mostly the internet or watching the news. I like writing supernatural books in parallel worlds when imagination is the guide and anything goes. But, I still try to maintain realism.

How long does it take to complete one of your books? – I have written 44 books in just over 4 years, so a month or two is my usual time, but once I wrote a book in a week and my 600 page book took closer to three months.


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Blog Share from Traci Kenworth

Traci has graciously provided us with a number of links on writing! I’ve just come off the Book Marketing Summit with Karen Dimmick, and I have loads of ideas to pursue. Did you see any of it? What did you think?

Check out some of these links to enhance your writing. I was featured on this list a few weeks ago.

Writing Links in the 3s and 6…2/6/17 Traci Kenworth Fantasy/Dystopian/UF/Paranormal/SF: Decisions, decisions. A cheat sheet to an in-depth world. MG/YA: Better to let go of old darlings or pay the price? Wendy BooydeGraaf. Develop Your Own Philosophy when it comes to writing. She’s spot on! Some things work […]

via Writing Links in the 3s and 6…2/6/17 — Where Genres Collide

Free Publishing Guide

My next video will go over the how-to for publishing on Smashwords. In advance of this, here are their free downloads to assist you, guides to making money by publishing on Smashwords. Here are the links:

Smashwords Style Guide – How to Format Your Ebook (Smashwords Guides 1)

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide – How to Market any Book for Free (Smashwords Guides 2)

Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides 3)

Enjoy! I’ll see you soon on the next video.

How I Got to Work from Home, Video 5

I’ve posted another video today, How I Got to Work From Home, Video 5. This episode goes into KDP publishing with Amazon. Please share with everyone and subscribe to view all the videos. Thanks for watching.

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How I Got to Work from Home

Check out my new video, which will be part of a series on writing, publishing, and selling. I’ll document what I do to increase my success.  Stay tuned and subscribe so you are the first to hear of new videos.

Self-publishing: The next level


I recently met Gail Kearns of To Press and Beyond. She and business partner Penelope Paine will be hosting a workshop for the self-publisher February 20 and 21, 2016. What better time to get away to sunny Santa Barbara, California and focus on your career as an author.

Learn more about these topics and more in a small group setting where you will receive individual attention.

›Setting realistic goals › How to find the right professionals
› Creating a brand › Understanding your market
› Establishing a publishing entity › Expenses and what to expect
› Editing › Marketing plans
› Book cover and book design › Promotion, social media networking, and more

Early bird $100 discount through January 10, 2016. $895 after that date and space is limited. Sign up now and treat yourself to this wonderful opportunity in the New Year. Meals included.

gail     penny Gail and Penelope

Gail is also listed on my contractor list of editors and other author resources.  Download this list free today.

Register today!
For more details and questions:

Call 800-360-1761
or email:

Please, share with all your author friends with these links and have a Happy New Year.