Book Review: The Professor and the Bird


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The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin is one of the longer books I have read in a while, but it was a fast read none the less. It’s an entertaining story of a young woman motor biking through Turkey when her bike breaks down and she happens upon an archaeological dig. While her motorcycle is being fixed by some of the dig participants, she learns a little bit about ancient history from Professor Nicos. She is attractive and pursued by most of the young men in the dig. The amateur in the group, she somehow finds a valuable artifact and is celebrated for it. However this also makes her a target for criminals who wish to obtain the treasure for themselves. The story is convincingly written and there is plenty of romance. Romance fans will love this book.


Wedding Dreams Box Set


Wedding Dreams: 20 Delicious Nuptial Romances

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Heat level: sweet to sensual

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Book Review: Family Illusions

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Family Illusions is a thriller romance by Bess George about a young woman who finds out many mysterious things about her past, her mother, and her family. After her mother died she was forced to work at whatever jobs she could find to support herself, and she lived with her best friend Jasmine who did the same.  A chance meeting with a handsome man brought about a great change in her life and even put her in danger of losing her life. Charlie, as she was called, didn’t think that she was romantically attractive because she was a larger woman. She made frequent comments that men only looked at her when she was with her thin and attractive friend Jasmine. In reality, before the adventure was over two men were both interested in her. This sent a nice message to voluptuous or full-featured women that they too can be desirable.

Family Illusions contains some racy content but more in the sense of thoughts and words rather than actions. It was an interesting read with lots of twists and suspense and I enjoyed it.

Book Review: The Guardian of Secrets


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The Guardian of Secrets is an epic historical novel spanning generations. Celia, a rich landowner’s daughter, marries a man who seems to worship the ground she walks on until they are married. Then the abuse begins and she constantly struggles with thinking that he may love her, to being afraid to leave because she could lose her inheritance, until finally she is pregnant and has to leave to protect the baby. She embarks on a life changing journey and even through the lies and deception surrounding her marriage, she finds happiness again, not knowing that her husband is alive and looking for her. This was a masterfully written story and I would highly recommend it for the historical fiction fan.

Book Review: The Lady of the Pier–The Flow


The Flow (book 2) (The Lady of the Pier trilogy)

Lady of the Pier–The Flow, by Effrosyni Moschoudi, a Greek native herself, weaves a magical tale of timeless love across two countries. One half of the tale is told in 1940 Brighton, just as World War II is about to begin. The other half is told in 1988 Brighton. However, while living in Corfu, Greece, Sofia meets a man who occupies her thoughts for much of the book. When she travels to Brighton for school, they meet up again and continue the romance, but the Lady of the Pier, a ghostly figure that has shadowed Sofia for some time, makes her appearance in Brighton as well.

In 1940, Laura is tricked by a man she does not love and she is forced to separate from the one she does love. Her life is a tragedy except for her darling son Frederick. She has never really loved Charles, but knows what she must do to care for their child.

Lady of the Pier is a breathtaking book and Moschoudi is a master storyteller. I couldn’t put the book down and look forward to the next installment, as it is a series. Highly recommended if you like romance and a light ghost story mixed in. I would give this five stars. Available NOW for Preorder at just .99 to be delivered June 26. Here’s the link. After launch date it will be $2.99, so get yours ordered today.


Also, note that book 1 of the series, The Ebb, is .99 right now, so you can read that in preparation for the launch of book 2. Here’s that link.

Effrosyni would appreciate your writing a review if you enjoy her books and posting that on Amazon.  Thanks!

Book Review – December Sunshine: Love in Jave


December Sunshine: Love in Jave Series (Love in Java Book 1)

Author Evida Suntoyo is a skilled storymaster. She has woven together this tale with such skill that I did not guess the twists and turns of the plot. A situation is presented near the beginning, and then she explains how it came about. The imagery was so realistic that today I am remembering scenes from the book and have to remind myself it was a book and not a movie. Although I have never been to Indonesia, the descriptions of places and people came to life in these pages.

The story was sweet and bittersweet. Without giving anything away, I found myself very much liking some of the characters and hoping they would succeed in their dreams. Other characters were evil to the bone. Not knowing the culture of Indonesia, I do not know their customs but Suntoyo made them make sense.  The decisions made and the actions taken do not seem out of place as described in this book.

It’s a romance, it’s a mystery story, but it’s entertaining through and through. Pick up this book and be whisked away for faraway lands for a time. You won’t regret it. I gave it 5 stars.