How I Got to Work From Home – Video 11

Contrary to the title of my video series, I am going back to work! But it’s only going to be around 1 day a week after training. The rest of the time I will continue to press on toward my bestseller dream.

Here’s my latest video, where I talk about some of the other things I’m doing for pay these days.


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Book Review: The Torch Principle


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The Torch Principle: Light Up Your Mind is a fun book, but not easy. Javier Ideami has written a creative book on solving one’s problems. This book is compelling and innovative and a lot of work went into its creation. If you want creative ideas for improving your life, they are here. While Ideami will not tell you in so many words how to solve your problem, he will help you to determine precisely what it is with a series of questions and “drilling down” to the core and root of the issue. With exacting detail, he gives instructions for looking at the problem in many different ways.

He has even developed online tools which the reader can access, making this a truly multimedia accomplishment with videos, charts, and software to look at your issue in myriad ways. One of Ideami’s main points is to diverge (look at all sides and even at things that may not seem to connect) and then converge (connect them). By brainstorming, the reader can discover many, many ideas, even though some of them sound crazy, even though some of them sound dumb. But through all of this searching and trying, the reader will come up with something new that works.

I find this method truly creative and, while reading The Torch Principle, I decided on my “challenge” (Ideami’s word for a problem or issue). That very day, I made a contact regarding my challenge and I received a phone call that evening to schedule a meeting on it for the next day. I’m a believer and this method sparked new confidence in me. Hopefully, the rest will be history after the meeting.

I’m in the Spotlight!


I just received word that has featured me today on their Author In the Spotlight page. Why not take a look and also browse around the rest of their site. They offer quality books and information for writers, and if you are an author, you and your books can be featured just like mine. Contact them for affordable advertising. I have already had an increase in traffic from their feature. Thanks and please share with your writing & reading friends. It’s a great way to share the Gospel.

“You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream.”
—C. S. Lewis

Another New Release: Create Your Book Start to Finish

Create Your Book cover

The one you’re waiting for . . .

How to create and publish your story!

After months of work I’m releasing my latest book on how to publish your own story.  Check it out at Smashwords and Amazon.  (Hint–it’s 1/2 off through July at Smashwords. Just enter the coupon code found below the “Buy” button, when you check out).

Let me know your thoughts and I would love it if you’d review it. I swap reviews so let me know if this is of interest.

Book Review: Stuffocation


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Late last year a friend at work suggested we start a minimalist game, in which we get rid of one thing on the first of the month, two things on the second, and so on. We did this for two months and then it was Christmas time so we took a break. If properly carried out, we each decluttered 496 items this way each month. I saw some major progress in the two months, getting rid of old makeup, worn out shoes and clothes, clothes that didn’t fit, expired food, and many other things. I may pick it up again when the weather is warm and I can work on the garage.

Thus, I was very interested in the book Stuffocation by James Wallman. He outlines the experiment of a man who had methodically and logically worked his way to a well-paying job and all the toys and frills it could afford. But he felt that something was still missing from his life. He tried packing up all his belongings and only unpacking items he actually needed in the moment. A toothbrush. One towel. After a couple weeks, he didn’t need to unpack anything else! He sold, donated, or pitched the rest. Could everyone live this way? Could he continue to live this way for the rest of his life? Even Thoreau lived at Walden Pond only about two years.

Wallman then explained the reasons why Americans are so focused on stuff and materialism, contrasted with those in Europe or in poor countries. Stuffocation is a fascinating look at how the industrial age made goods of all kinds cheaper and more plentiful. Many people our parents’ ages bought their first of certain items as adults, like televisions. But some people are realizing that “stuff” doesn’t equal fulfillment, and it costs money to buy and maintain. Some of the individuals described even chose to downsize their jobs, so they had more time and made the choice to have less stuff, at the expense of their paycheck. But the happiest people learned that they wanted new experiences because the joy of memories can last forever.

You’ll never look at your “stuff” the same way but you may think more before spending.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Library Thing.

Book Review: Backslider’s Guide to Weight Loss


The Backsliders Guide to Weight Loss

Many people, myself included, struggle with their weight. Many factors contribute to inconsistent patterns of weight loss, including stress, hormones, age, and even some unknown factors when you think you’re doing everything right. “Backslider’s Guide to Weight Loss” by Brandi J. Roberts is not about following a list of rules or procedures, but instead is about determining what losing weight REALLY means to you and holding that vision in your consciousness as an ideal to move toward. Focus on positive traits (making good choices) rather than negative (diet fails).  Napoleon Hill said that “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” To go a step further, you can set up success in your own mind and that should dispel those limitations. You are worthy of success. This book can help you achieve it.

Book Review: Success Against All Odds-Five Secrets of Rapid Change

Buy “Success Against All Odds: Five Secrets of Rapid Change”

Success Against All Odds by Regina Ozoemela is an interesting book by a woman who has seemingly overcome great and some would even say extreme challenges to be self-supporting. Coming from Nigeria, at the point she found herself abandoned by her husband and his family with three children as a teenager she worked and found ways to go to school, continually improving herself, until she achieved a Master’s degree in the U.S. and long-term employment.

Success Against All Odds shows that, with a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work, people can bring themselves up from bad situations and lifestyles to become an effective, contributing member of society. Like almost everyone I know, Regina Ozoemela made some poor choices and was in quite a pickle when she began to resolve to turn her life around. Some quick thinking and some providential help from family, friends, and strangers aided her climb from poor teenage single mother to becoming a coach and mentor in the United States.

I found this book to proceed slowly at first, but in retrospect this is probably necessary to lay the foundation and background so that the reader can fully understand what Ms. Ozoemela has been through. Marriage laws and customs are apparently very different from in the US and it might have been helpful to have even more of that background information to make the story flow. Ozoemela targets young single mothers and any others who may feel trapped in their lifestyle or job, to help realize that they do have choices and should not spend a lifetime doing something they hate.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.

Book Review: Win No Matter What

Win No Matter What

Buy “Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life”

Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life, by Nihar Suthar, is a worthwhile read. While some of his material is quotes from other authors, it is nicely tied together to flow into an expansion of his table of contents. The premise of this book is that your success is largely due to matters entirely within your own control—your mood, attitude, and how you view others—which he names “The Terrible Trio”. Many examples are given of people who, despite their circumstances, rose above them and used them to fuel their success. It’s not enough to simply go to a job every day, punch a clock, put in your hours, and go home to complain about your job. Engagement in your life is critical as well. Figure out why you want to do something that you have a passion for and that will also fuel your motivation and help you to figure out how to do it.

While I have read some of this material before, I enjoyed Win No Matter What: A Guide to Hyping Up Your Life, by Nihar Suthar and recommend it to anyone stymied in their efforts to get ahead. It is not so much a matter of other people and what they are doing, it is about you and what kind of person you are. I sometimes say, “one person can’t have a fight,” meaning if you refuse to descend to the level of your critics, you come out ahead and they look like a fool. Who can resist someone who’s always smiling? I enjoy talking to people I don’t know, finding a common ground, and making them smile. This book reinforces that attitude and I think everyone can learn something from it.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite