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Sunlight Diet cover

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Book Review: Echoes of Narcissus in the Gardens of Delight


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I posted about Echoes of Narcissus a short time ago. I hope you’ll read that post written by author Jo Robinson. I have since finished reading the book and wanted to review it. It’s a phenomenal novel involving a woman with a secret-her husband is a cruel abusive man behind closed doors. Not physically abusive; she never displays bruises. But he has battered her emotionally, so completely, others in her situation have gone to desperate measures. Find out how she finds herself again and changes her life through a chance meeting that blossoms into something much more.

This will hold your interest as it did mine. I stayed up much too late a few nights to finish it. I loved this book, highly recommend it, and give it 5 stars out of 5.

Book Review: Snake Oil-The Art of Healing and Truth-Telling

Snake Oil

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Snake Oil by Becca Stevens is like an embrace for the soul, like a meditation in the sound of her voice. An audio book, read by the author, it is part memoir, part healing, and part inspirational all at once, sort of a trinity of books, three in one. Beginning with the story of her childhood, Stevens recalls the death of her preacher father in the act of serving others, and the man who stepped in in the guise of helping this family; instead, he did things that prompted Stevens to search for healing throughout her life. Her childhood was not all tragic; there was the old man who would bring her sandwiches and fresh peaches to share as they sat outdoors and talked. There was outdoor play with siblings and neighbors, old fashioned play, not like today with video games.

At some point in her adulthood Becca Stevens confronted the man who had abused her, in an amazing act of mercy and guidance, only urging that he get some help. This was extremely healing to her and she would then go on to create a healing ministry using herbal preparations. Throughout the book she speaks of plants with a reverence you have to hear to believe, as if they had souls. Seemingly, they communicate with her soul. Interspersed with the stories are recipes for healing oils you can make at home. They are the creation of Thistle Farms, making healing oils for women, which becomes a business to support shelters for women, who prepare the oils and balms to sell. So Snake Oil comes full circle, from home remedies used in her childhood, to remedies used and made as therapy for women who need love and hope. It was healing just to listen to this book being read aloud. I urge all women to get this audio book.

Reviewed for Readers Favorite.

Book Review: Period Wise

Period Wise by Mia Alyce Lockhart is a fun read to help women use the fluctuating strengths throughout the menstrual cycle. The premise is that the 28 day cycle is split up into 4 “seasons”, much like the seasons of the year or the so-called seasons of life. It’s said that in ancient cultures and even today in other parts of the world, the mysterious cycles of women were—and are—revered. According to Lockhart, women’s lifestyles today in mimicry of men’s are exhausting them and diminishing their natural powers of creativity. Trying to do everything, as many women do, obliterates quiet time, reflection, and creativity in the interest of getting it all done. But this is not the best use of our time and certainly short-changes the world by not allowing our best talents to shine forth.

This lofty philosophy is somewhat overshadowed by the light-hearted remainder of the book, but the concept is certainly valid. I do feel that reflection and quiet time are extremely important to produce our best creative efforts and that is the point of Mia Alyce Lockhart’s Period Wise. Women in business could adjust their days somewhat to allow breaks for reflection and creativity.

The four phases are called Wise Woman, Power Woman, Motherly Woman, and Creative Woman, and they correspond to the 4 weeks of the 28 day “normal” menstrual cycle. The phases are said to be better for reflection and listening to yourself; starting new projects and getting things done; caring for other people and connecting with them; and exploring your creativity, respectively. Women may find that by moving naturally through the cycles listed in Period Wise they can enjoy life more and be more effective in whatever roles they embrace in life.

Reviewed by Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers Favorite.